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Terms & Conditions at Bookshop u Tobiasza


The following terms apply in T&C’s:

CUSTOMER – it is You! An individual who is my client and buys my products.

ONLINE BOOKSHOP - my website at  through which you can buy goods.

PRODUCT – all the items presented in my online bookstore.

SELLER – it is Me! Monika Roman-Bookshop u Tobiasza located on Młynska 5E / 17 84-240 Reda. The company is registered in the Central Registry and Economic Information under the number REGON: 367086052, NIP: 5882202807. My phone number is 729 993 999. You can contact me by email on  or

ORDER - a statement of your will, which leads to a direct contract with the seller, specifying the type and number of products.



  1. The online bookstore is run by the seller at
  2. These terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the customer in connection with the use of my online store, including:
  • terms and conditions of placing orders
  • rules of concluding sale contracts
  • the seller and the customer are bound to comply with these terms and conditions.



  1. The client is obligated to:
  • use the online bookstore in a way that does not interfere with its operation, in particular by using appropriate software and devices, in accordance with applicable law, the rules of T&C’s, and generally accepted customs.
  • ensure that no information banned by applicable law is submitted or transmitted to the online bookstore
  • extract from any content placed within my internet bookstore only for personal use.
  1. Using my online bookstore is possible if the IT system you use as a customer, meets the following minimum technical requirements:
  • Internet Explorer version 9 or later; Firefox version 3.6.4 or later; Chrome version 8 or later; Opera version 10.60 or later; Safari 5.0 or later;
  • other web browsers that support HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript;
  • suggested screen resolution: 1024x768;
  • suggested minimum color depth: 24 bits;
  • access to the internet according to the standard rates used and charged by the customer's telecommunication operator.
  1. The site uses cookies. You can specify the cookie access conditions in your browser.



  1. In order to conclude a contract for the sale of goods through an online bookstore Bookshop u Tobiasza, go to the website and then select the products available in the online bookstore. Place an electronic order by following the steps based on displayed messages and information.
  2. Submission of an effective order is possible after acceptance of these regulations.
  3. During the order submission - until you press 'order with payment' button - there is an opportunity to modify the entered data and change the selected goods.
  4. Once you have provided all the necessary data, a summary of your order will be displayed.
  5. In order to send the order through, it is necessary to accept and confirm all relevant information and then press the 'order with payment' button.
  6. Information about the goods on the bookstore's website is an offer within the meaning of art. 66 of the Civil Code, unless the information clearly states that the goods are inaccessible and ordering is not possible.
  7. Sending an order constitutes a statement of will to conclude a sale contract with the seller, in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  8. The agreement is treated as concluded with the moment the customer places the order to the internet bookstore's IT system, provided that the order complies with the terms and conditions.
  9. Upon conclusion of the contract, customer receives an email titled 'I confirm receipt of your order number' which summaries this order.
  10. The contract of sale of goods is concluded in Polish or in English, in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  11. Maintaining, securing, sharing and confirming to the customer important provisions of the contract for the sale of goods shall be made by sending the customer an acknowledgment e-mail with an order confrmation.
  12. The seller has 48 hours to complete the order.



  1. Prices of goods on the website posted next the product are available to buy in Polish zloty with no VAT. These prices also do not include shipping costs, which are given separately before the order is placed. The price quoted for each product is the total price for this item.
  2. The binding and final price is the price presented in a summary of the order at the time of placing the order by the customer in the online bookstore.
  3. In the case of orders placed under the applicable promotion, they shall be implemented taking into account the discounts resulting from the terms of the specific promotion, calculated from the regular prices of the goods at the time of placing the order.
  4. In the case of the books promotions at Bookshop u Tobiasza, an online bookstore reserves the right to introduce quantitative restrictions on the sale of goods of the same type. This is dependent on the availability of the product in the promotion. The customer can check the availability of an item on Bookshop u Tobiasza website as it is visible next to the item for sale.



  1. Payment for ordered goods can be made by:
  • cash on delivery – you pay your cash to the courier or postman. When you personally pick up your parcel from the address provided on the website once we both agreed earlier, the payment is also made personally.
  • Online payment through Tpay – you make your payment during placing your order with me. The information about your payment reaches me automatically.
  1. Detailed information about the proposed payment methods is available on my bookstore's website under the tab: payment options.
  2. The purchased goods are shipped as follows:
  • Courier - DPD pick up
  • Paczkomaty InPost
  • by Poczta Polska
  • personal collection after it has been agreed with me.
  1. Detailed information about the proposed delivery forms is available on my bookstore's website under the tab: shipping.
  2. The customer selects the shipment of the purchase during placing the order.
  3. Delivery cost information for a particular order is available when submitting this order. The current table for shipping costs is listed on my online bookstore.
  4. Upon receipt of the parcel, the customer should check it properly and in particular its packaging. In the event of a damage to the received parcel or packaging itself, the customer may refuse to receive the parcel and should contact the seller for a damage report.
  5. The seller issues a receipt for each order.
  6. At the client's request, I can issue an electronic invoice to the email address provided by the customer or in a paper form, which I attach to the shipment.
  7. A customer who has not received an invoice can submit this request via email: within 3 months of receiving the ordered goods. In such an email the customer should provide data to the invoice: name and surname, company name, an address and tax identification number.



  1. A customer who is a consumer as per art. section 221 of the Civil Code and purchases the goods not directly related to the business or economic activity, may withdraw from the contract made at a distance within 14 days without giving any reason.
  2. The above mentioned 14 days period is counted from the day the customer received the goods. The date of receipt of the goods is the actual date of product’s receipt by the customer or the date of product delivery by the postal operator or courier. It is sufficient to send a declaration of withdrawal from the contract with confirmation of the date of parcel receipt.
  3. In order to use the right of withdrawal from the contract, the customer shall provide the seller with a clear statement sent by post or via email.
  4. When it comes to the withdrawal from the contract, the customer is obliged to return the purchased goods. The refund should be made immediately, not later than within 7 days of the dispatch of a statement of the withdrawal from the contract to the seller. Until the return of the goods, the customer is liable for the destruction and damage of the goods, unless it is necessary to examine the nature, characteristics or functionalities of the goods.
  5. Detailed information on refunds and cancellations are available on the website of my online bookstore under the tab: refunds and returns.
  6. Complaints can be submitted by post on the address provided under the tab: refunds and returns.
  7. In the complaint, the customer should provide his / her name, mailing address, type and date of the issue occurred.
  8. The seller will recognize the complaint within 3 days of receiving the defective goods from the customer.
  9. The seller is liable for physical and legal defects of the purchased goods.
  10. Detailed information about the complaints is available on the website of my online bookstore under the tab: refunds and returns.



  1. Providing your personal data is voluntary however not providing some of them marked on the data form may prevent the order from being processed.
  2. Personal data of the client, especially the name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number and bank account details are processed for:
  • establishing and updating the content, changing, resolving and properly providing the services given by electronic and component orders;
  • to review customer complaints and refunds in the event of withdrawal from the contract and return of goods;
  • in case of giving a separate agreement regarding sharing information about an online bookstore, an offer and current promotions (marketing activities using electronic communication);
  •  for the purposes in paragraph 3 below.
  1. Personal data of users of an online bookstore, other than customers, are processed in order to:
  • an adaptation of the online bookstore to the needs of the all individuals and customers;
  • possible investigation of claims;
  • clarification of the circumstances of the unauthorized use of services provided electronically;
  • create statistics of the website Bookshop u Tobiasza.
  1. The data administrator is the seller. According to the Act regulation from 29th August 1997 on the protection of personal data, each customer has the right to access the content of his data and the right to correct them.
  2. The data administrator shall make every possible effort to protect the data of the customer or other individual using the online bookstore and protect it against third party activities by using the necessary security for the servers, connections and online bookstore overall. However, the actions taken by the administrator may prove to be insufficient if the customer or other individual is using the service which does not comply with safety rules. In particular, the customer must keep the login and password confidential and not share it with the third parties.



  1. Customers may access this policy at any time through .
  2. The presence of goods on does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. In cases not regulated in the T&C’s, the provisions of the Civil Code and the provisions of the Act from 30th May 2014 on consumer rights apply.
  3. These regulations apply from 2nd May 2017.

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