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DVD: Mr. Men – The Complete Classic Collection

Author: Roger Hargreaves, Arthur Lowe


Published on: 10th April 2017

DVD: Mr. Men – The Complete Classic Collection
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All 28 episodes from the first and second series of the original animated children's programme based on the books written and illustrated by Roger Hargreaves.

Series 1 episodes are: 'Mr. Happy', 'Mr. Silly', 'Mr. Jelly', 'Mr. Snow', 'Mr. Bounce', 'Mr. Forgetful', 'Mr. Funny', 'Mr. Bump', 'Mr. Tickle', 'Mr. Small', 'Mr. Messy', 'Mr. Greedy' and 'Mr. Sneeze'.

Series 2 episodes are: 'Mr. Strong', 'Mr. Daydream', 'Mr. Fussy', 'Mr. Worry', 'Mr. Uppity', 'Mr. Dizzy', 'Mr. Topsy Turvy', 'Mr. Muddle', 'Mr. Mean', 'Mr. Nosey', 'Mr. Chatterbox', 'Mr. Noisy', 'Mr. Impossible', 'Mr. Lazy' and 'Mr. Grumpy'.

Duration: 205 min; language: English; number of discs: 2; interactive menu.

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