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DVD: Complete Spot Collection – Series 1, 2 & 3

Author: Peter Hawkins


Published on: 14th August 2017

DVD: Complete Spot Collection – Series 1, 2 & 3
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All 39 episodes of the children's series that follows the adventures of the little, yellow dog Spot.

Series 1 episodes are: 'Spot's Surprise Parcel', 'Spot's Lost Bone', 'Spot's First Walk', 'Spot in the Woods', 'Spot's Birthday Party', 'Where's Spot?', 'Sweet Dreams', 'Spot Goes to School', 'Spot Goes to the Circus', 'Spot Follows His Nose', 'Spot Goes Splash', 'Spot's Windy Day' and 'Spot Goes On Holiday'.

Series 2 episodes are: 'Spot Goes to the Farm', 'Spot Stays Overnight', 'Spot Makes a Cake', 'Spot Goes to the Park', 'Spot Finds a Key', 'Spot in the Garden', 'Spot Goes to a Party', 'Spot's Winter Sports', 'Spot Goes to the Fair', 'Spot's Favourite Toy', 'Spot's First Picnic', 'Spot at the Playground' and 'Storytime With Spot'.

Series 3 episodes are: 'Spot's Show', 'Spot's Treehouse', 'Spot's Breakfast', 'Spot's Horse', 'Spot's Grandpa', 'Spot's Umbrella', 'Spot's Band', 'Spot's Bath', 'Spot's Tent', 'Spot Tidies Up', 'Spot Helps Grandma', 'Spot's School Trip' and 'Hide and Seek'.

Duration: 180 min; language: English; number of discs: 1; interactive menu.

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