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DVD: Little Miss – The Complete Original TV Series

Author: Pauline Collins & John Alderton


Published on: 6th March 2017

DVD: Little Miss – The Complete Original TV Series
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All 13 episodes of the original animated children's programme based on the 'Little Miss' book series written and illustrated by Roger Hargreaves. The episodes are: 'Little Miss Splendid', 'Little Miss Late', 'Little Miss Plump', 'Little Miss Helpful', 'Little Miss Tiny', 'Little Miss Bossy', 'Little Miss Naughty', 'Little Miss Trouble', 'Little Miss Magic', 'Little Miss Neat', 'Little Miss Scatterbrain', 'Little Miss Sunshine' and 'Little Miss Shy'.

These simple and humorous stories known all over the world will make your child laugh!

Duration: 100 min; language: English; number of discs: 1; interactive menu.

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